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Небольшой топик легкой сложности — Books - Книги

It goes without saying, books are our teachers and friends. They teach us to be kind, clever, polite, hardworking, friendly. Books help us to learn more about nature, the world around us and many other interesting things.

There are a lot of books on history, about animals, travellers, children, school and so on. Children like to read adventure and magic books, science fiction and detective stories. They enjoy stories, short stories, novels, fairy-tales, fables and poems.

We must keep books clean and tidy. We must not spoil them.

I am fond of reading, too. I like to read fairytales. My favourite book is «Mary Poppins». The author of the book is Pamela Travers. She is a famous English writer. The book tells us about wonderful adventures of children with their magic nurse Mary Poppins. She is my favourite character. She is kind and strict at the same time, joyful and tactful, well-bred and very pretty. Mary Poppins is popular with children.

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