Clothing. Shopping. - Одежды. Покупки

Топик легкой сложности — Clothing. Shopping. - Одежды. Покупки

Tastes differ. That's why all people wear different clothes. Besides they wear different clothes when it is warm and cold. When it is cold we put on sweaters, coats, caps and gloves. When it's warm we take off warm clothes and put on light shirts or blouses and dresses.

My favourite clothes are jeans, shirts and sweaters or jackets. They are comfortable. And I can wear them in any weather. Now I'm wearing jeans, a white shirt and a sweater. But tomorrow is my friend's birthday. He invited me to the birthday party. So I shall be in my best.

My mother bought me a nice suit and new shoes. We went to the shop together and chose a grey suit. I tried it on. It was my size and suited me well. I looked great. Mother paid money for the suit and we brought it home. It's a pity I didn't try the shoes on. They were the wrong size. So my mother changed them for the bigger size. And now they are OK. Frankly speaking, I don't like shopping. There are more interesting things.

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