Halloween - Хэллоуин

Небольшой топик легкой сложности — Halloween - Хэллоуин

I'd like to tell you about Halloween. It is an old festival. It is more than two thousand years old. In the past this festival was a time of fear because people believed in ghosts and witches.

Halloween is celebrated on the thirty-first of October. It is a special night, an exciting and funny holiday. There are pumpkins on the windows. They look like faces. Children dress up as witches and ghosts. They have parties and play tricks on people. Children go from house to house and say «Trick or treat!» The grown-ups give them some fruit, sweets, chocolate or money. When there is no treat, the children play a trick on them. A favourite trick is to ring a doorbell and hide. It's really an exciting holiday.

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