About myself - Обо мне

Топик легкой сложности — About myself - Обо мне


My name is Kate. My surname is Pavlova. I'm seven. I live in Minsk, in Pushkin street. I go to school number 214. I'm in the first form.

I've got a family. It is small. We are a family of four. I've got a father, a mother and a brother. I haven't got a sister. My father is.an engineer. He works in a plant. My mother is a teacher. She works at school. My brother is little. He doesn't go to school. He goes to a kindergarten. He is four.

I like to play. I have got many toys. I have got a teddy-bear, dolls, a ball, a toy monkey and a doll's house. I like the doll's house very much. It is big. It is pink and nice.

We have got a cat. It is small and grey. It is very nice. It has big blue eyes, a funny nose, a small mouth and sharp teeth. Its ears are small. It can play hide-and-seek. I love my cat. It loves me, too.

I go to school. I'm a pupil. I have got many friends. We have our classroom. It is nice and large. You can see twelve desks, many chairs, our teacher's table, a blackboard, two bookcases in the classroom. At the lessons we have pens, pencils, pencil-boxes or pencil-cases, rulers, erasers, textbooks, exercise-books, record-books on the desks.

I like to read. I can read well. I like fairytales. They are very interesting. I like «Cinderella» and «Pinocchio» best.


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