Art in Ukraine / Искусство в Украине

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Ukrainian nation is very talented. Ukrainians have created many masterpieces in music, painting, cinema and theatre arts.

Music is one of the oldest arts in Ukraine. Ukrainians are known as a musical people with a lot of folk-songs. Now there are 6 opera houses, 3 operettas and many song-and-dance groups. Ukrainian orchestras, choirs and performers often appear on tours in Europe, Asia and the USA. The pop music is rather developed in Ukraine. Pop singers like T. Povalii, I. Shynkaruk, S. Rotaru, and I. Bilyk are known in Ukraine and abroad.

The oldest paintings in Ukraine are frescoes. Some of them are about a thousand years old. Famous frescoes of St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev attract many tourists from Ukraine and abroad. Some Ukrainian painters are also famous all over the world. Among them is Ilia Repin (1844— 1930). Many of his works show his love to Ukraine, its people, and its history. Among them there is a famous painting "The Zhaporozhian Cossacks write a letter to the Turkish Sultan". He also painted many portraits of Russian and Ukrainian famous people, like T. Shevchenko, M. Kostomarov and others.

Ukrainian theatre became popular during the 19th century. From the end of the 18th century Ukrainian landlords organized theatres at their estates. The Ukrainian plays were performed by serfs. Nowadays the Ukrainian theatre is also very popular. Among theatre stars are B. Stupka, A. Rogovtseva. V. Zaklunna and others. Ukrainian ballet is known on every continent. Among well-known Ukrainian ballets are N. Skorulsky's "Forest Song", K. Dankevych's "Lileia" and many others.


a choir — хор

a serf — крепостной

folk-songs — народные песни

a portrait — портрет

a masterpiece — шедевр

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